What I got at Ulta & Target

This is what I got at Ulta & Target yesterday:

elf: Countouring blush & bronzing powder

I haven’t tried this yet, but it was only $3.00 @ Target!!!  I hate how they don’t have any more newer products at Target because they have more on their website. I’ll make another post of my wish list from them. Apologies for the picture on the right being kinda light, but the blush is on the left, and then the contouring powder is on the left.

The trick: So far I’ve been contouring since I noticed Kim Kardashian’s makeup. The contour is suppose to give you a slimming effect for your face, and make you look like you have high cheek bones, it looks good in pictures. I’ve been using my warmth/bronzer powder by Bare Minerals but it’s been so messy, and it’s hard to see how much powder you use/need since it’s in a loose powder formula. I think it’d be easier using this since it’s not loose powder.

1.) Use an angled brush for the contouring

2.) Make sure your in BRIGHT lights to see how dark the powder is on your face

3.) Don’t do your whole cheek, do a line a little below your cheek up towards your cheek bone

4.) Apply blush to blend in the contour

5.) If you need to re-apply, apply only a little powder so it’s not too heavy looking

Oil of Olay: face serum: All of my face products have been Oil of Olay, I did a switch over. Their products are very affordable, and actually good for your skin. My grandma uses this serum, and I bought it finally because it’s such a light formula without making your face oily/greasy, it makes your skin smoother and really moisturized. This is a product I will re-buy when I run out.

Aveno: ultra calming moisturizing cream cleanser: I was at my best friends house yesterday & used this, and fell in love with it. It isntantly makes your face so soft before you apply face cream. I stopped using their face products because I used their face lotion and wash with the light green caps & had an allergic reaction. The beige caps are a line for sensitive skin, and have no fragrance. This is a product I will re-buy when I run out.

Blistex: conditioning treatment balm: I just had to re-buy this, so I can have one in my purse & at home.

TIGI: Catwalk Royal Curls boosting products: I wasn’t planning to buy this  until later but I saw that it came in a 2 for 1 package for $21.99 @ ULTA! I looked at the prices individually & alone their $17 each! so I got a deal. I use to use this Herbal Essence one which I will make a seperate post for.

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